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Chiang Mai Architects



 “Sawasdee Khrap”  H ello. Thank you for coming to our web site      


We are professional, licenced Thai architects offering you an excellent architectural service in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As residents of Chiang Mai we have plenty of experience and know the local area very well. We are knowledgeable in many different styles of design and can help with many varieties of projects. We speak both Thai and English. Our designs have appeared in national magazines and one of them went on to win the Conde Nast award for 'hottest boutique hotel in Asia.'  


"We are known for offering quality design at very fair and reasonable fees."


Let us Help you - ' Professional, Friendly Local Service'

We can assist with the design of bungalows, luxury homes, retirement villas, factories, offices, hotels, spas and resorts. Over many years, we have helped many Thai people as well as people from many different countries. Design is our passion and we love to assist you in designing the very best property we can. Our goal is take you through the architectural process in Thailand and explain everything along the way. At the end of our service, depending on what you have requested and agreed, you will have all that you require to apply for permissions to build, get quotations from contractors and then build your property. Simply contact us now and we can begin to help you.

‘Chiang Mai Architects’ Customer Care Policy

As Thai architects we care very much about every project we do and every customer we work with. Whatever the size or budget of project, we do our very best to help you reach a happy, successful conclusion. We work with you from first concepts to final completion of detailed drawings. Building a house or any construction project in Thailand, can be very difficult if you are not familiar with the process. There are regulations, laws, local authorities and different construction techniques to consider. In addition you will need to ask about materials choices, energy saving options and how best to locate the property. You need a Thai architect to guide and help you. We at will do just that and offer all our advice, care and experience. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

‘Chiang Mai Architects’  Offers a Fair Price Policy -  reasonable fees for all our customers ! 

Architects fees in Thailand are not all the same. This is because architects creative abilities, licence levels and experience can differ. Architecture is a creative skill as well as technical one; so some architects are accomplished in both parts, and some lean towards one or the other. Some architects design style is very popular and some are not. Some have lots of experience and some have less. Some of us have large executive offices and some work from home. Some have exceptional skills and some have reasonable abilities. In addition there are various levels of licence too. So architects costs and fees will naturally vary according to various factors.Over many years we have built a reputation on offering quality design at very fair and reasonable fees to all our customers.

 Fair Prices for Architectural DesignF‘Chiang Mai Architects’ Price Policy

We at provide a ‘fair and reasonable fee policy’ based on each individual project. We are not the most expensive but we are not the cheapest. We offer an excellent professional service, with top class design for a most reasonable fee. We are experienced architects and have been working within the industry for many years. You can certainly benefit from this.  contact us now if you do require a Chiang Mai architect, or in fact anywhere in Thailand or internationally. We can then gather all the information about your project.



Once we have all the information we can send you a free job description and proposal fee.


‘Chiang Mai Architects’ Thanks you


We would like to thank you for showing an interest in our design service and web site. As Thai architects we are always looking for new design projects and hope to hear from you soon. Have a wonderful day.


“Khorp Khun Khrap” – Thank you. We look forward to meeting you.