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Additional Services

Additional Services if requested can also help you with additional services such as topographic surveys and soil tests. We also very happy to advise on construction contractors if necessary too.  You are not obligated in any way to use any of these services but we can offer them if required.

Below are lists of extra services we can assist with:

‘Chiang Mai Architects’ – Topographic Survey

If the land is not flat and has slopes or large objects on it; then it will require a topographic survey to be done. Topographic Surveys or Land Surveys in Thailand are carried out by professional survey teams to detect and map the contours (shape and/or line) of the ground and any existing features on the land, or slightly above or below the ground surface. The surveys are used to measure the elevation of various points across a specified piece of land, both natural and man-made. These features can include such things as electricity poles, lakes, trees, water tanks, rivers, walkways, hills, roads, walls and manholes.  It is used to indicate the elevation and steepness of a particular area of land.

We have worked with survey teams before and can help you get a topographic survey done. If your land in Chaing Mai is not flat then you will require one before the architect can start the design; as the architect/engineer will need to know this information. Please contact for further details.

‘Chiang mai Architect’ – Soil Test

In Thailand often soil tests are carried out to determine the nature and composition of soil in a particular area. It is particularly useful for structural engineers, architects and construction contractors to know this information. Naturally when building on wet, swamp type locations the piling would likely be a lot deeper, then say in harder, more rock containing soil. Soil tests can be carried out in Chiang Mai and for the engineer to know the structural information; he should know the soil composition in the area you are building. It is a worthwhile test if you want it. The soil survey team takes a few days to a few weeks to carry out the onsite inspections and laboratory works. Please contact us if you would like to have a soil test done.


If you require additional services in regards to architecture, engineering or construction then please ask us.

If we can assist you we will. Thank you for visiting our web site.