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Chiang Mai Architects

Chiang Mai Architect

An architect is required if you are going to construct a home or project in Chiang Mai. It is not essential to use a Chiang Mai architect but naturally has many benefits. A Chiang Mai architect will know the local area, zoning if applicable and of course the regulations required to build a property. Many are versed in the Northern styles such as Lanna and specialise in traditional design.

Also during the process it is so much more convenient if you can meet with the local Chiang Mai architect, talk about the project and if required he/she can visit the land site too. Local knowledge most useful  to you and the project. If the Thai architect is not local, then in addition to architectural fees, you will also incur expensive travel costs and accommodation. So some points to consider when choosing the architect.

We are local people with families and know the environment well. We are very familiar with local culture, traditions, regulations and what is required for the smooth running of the design process. Our head of design has been living in Chiang Mai all his life and loves to help people design their homes. He has designed many homes of all styles and one of them even went on to win an international award. He is married with a lovely new baby boy. Maybe a new architect in the family !

As architects in Chiang Mai we are always happy to design new projects and hope very much we can work with you soon. Contact Chiang Mai Architect and we will be very happy to help you.


“Khorp Khun Khrap” – Thank you. We look forward to meeting you.