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Chiang Mai Architects

Design Process

 Architectural Stages

There plenty of stages in design and architectural works. However at, we have tried to make it simple. It makes it far easier for the client and lets you know the process in simpler terms. Within each stage there are many other factors and aspects too that apply. However our goal is to assist you easily through the whole process and produce excellent design for our clients; so simple steps and stages helps with clarity and understanding.

The first step is for us to gather all the information regarding your project in Chiang Mai. This we can do by meeting with you or by e-mail communication if you prefer. Some of our clients are extremely busy and some work overseas. So we are most adept at dealing with this via e-mail communication, Skype or telephone. E-mail is by far the best as it allows records to be kept which we can go back to and check as we progress. It also means both parties have information and can understand it more clearly.  We will work with you carefully, every step of the way.

Once we have all the details and information we will then send you the job description and proposal fee. This is free and without obligation.

Chiang Mai Architects’ - Preliminary Design Stage

Once you have agreed and confirmed the architects job description and fee then a deposit is paid. Once received work begins. We can meet you at anytime and communicate easily by e-mail. Meetings are very helpful but are not essential. We leave this decision to you. If you are busy then we can communicate via e-mail, phone and Skype. We are most flexible and customer care is most important. We help you through the whole process.

The first stage is to create the design concepts, floor plans, elevations and perspectives. We work with you on these and take our time to make changes as requested. You can amend them and there will be plenty of e-mails and communication. This preliminary design stage can take only 2 weeks or several months. Much depends on your choices, decisions, changes and complexity of the project.

‘Chiang Mai Architects’ – Detailed Drawings Stage

Once you have confirmed the concepts, floor plans, elevations and perspectives we will move onto to full technical detailed construction drawings. This is where all the accurate details are put onto the plans: Details of windows, doors, materials, electrical installations, plumbing, security systems, mechanical, engineering and all structural drawings. This can take anywhere from 8 weeks to many months.  Once again depending on how big and complex the project is and how quickly confirmation is given. Some drawings will need to be sent to you for checking such as the electrical details. You can see how many sockets are in each room, how many light switches and where; air conditioning units and fans. You can add or reduce, make amendments and confirm any final details. Once all drawings are completed by us, we will send you one copy to check and confirm you are happy. 

At the end of the architectural stages and all payments are made; you will have finished set paper copies of full architect’s drawings with all electrical, plumbing, mechanical, base materials and all details required within a professional set of architects plans. As per Thailand’s regulations, they will be signed by both licenced Thai architect and licenced Thai engineer. At the end of the project and once all payments are settled, we will also provide an AutoCAD file if you require it too. You will receive all you need to then apply for permissions to build and to obtain quotes from construction contractors.

We can help with contractor’s choice and costs if you require it. A fee would be agreed in advance for any extra services such as this.

Once again thank you for reading about We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please do contact us now for further details and help. As soon as we have all the information we can provide you the free architects job description and fee proposal.

Please note: Interior design services and landscape architecture are normally separated and would be quoted for separately.